About Us

About Smarter Slides

Smarter Slides is a fully integrated add-in that will bring the capability of PowerPoint to the next level. More than 100 additional functions will make your presentation preparation easier and less time-consuming to let you focus on creating relevant content. Besides working more efficient, Smarter Slides will enable you to create consistent and professionally looking presentations to impress your audience. Two new ribbons – Smarter Organize and Smarter Format – give you access to several new functions directly accessible in PowerPoint.

Most of the people in the modern business world are working with PowerPoint on a daily basis. If you are one of them, we are sure that our add-in will help you to spend more time on creating meaningful content rather than time-consuming and repetitive tasks – such as formatting, arranging and adjusting shape formations. Boost your efficiency and productivity and prepare amazing presentations.

Ok, there are many tools around in the business world offering solutions to those and similar problems. However, we were quite sure that there are more functionalities possible to help you to save time and to prepare even fancier presentations. Besides this, we were also quite sure that we could offer a tool that does not cost thousands of euros per year. And here we are! Just start using Smarter Slides and enjoy the huge offer of new and enhanced PowerPoint functions, little helpers for your daily work and a lot of pre-defined templates for ever (yes, correct). No service charges and no subscription.

About the team

We are a team with professional background in business intelligence, finance and software engineering. Before working on the idea of a professional but affordable PowerPoint add-in, we started our professional careers within big consulting companies and multinational organizations.

During these years, we were working with PowerPoint every single day (and sometimes nights). We loved to build presentations and fancy slides. However, the more we worked with PowerPoint, the more we discovered that there is something missing within the standard functionalities. Especially just changing minor things within our presentation often meant spending several hours of just formatting and arranging and not focusing on any content (or leaving the office early). Having figured out that we are not the only ones in the business world that felt like wasting their resources, we started to create Smarter Slides in 2017.