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Smarter Slides. The PowerPoint add-in.

Why Smarter Slides?

Focus on what counts.

Structure your PowerPoint slides with an agenda or mini slides. A variety of functions help you to organize your presentation.

 Smarter Organize

Design is everything

Amazing templates give you a head start over your competitors. Or start building your own custom template gallery.


Improve your style.

Be a queen or a king when it comes to arranging objects and changing styles. Smarter Slides provides you with the essential functions.

 Smarter Format

Full integration into PowerPoint

New ribbons give you access to all functions of Smarter Slides. With every start up your add-in will be loaded automatically.


Integrated in your PowerPoint Ribbon.

  Click on a button in the ribbon above to learn more about the functions of Smarter Slides.

Smarter Templates. Easy to use. Always accessible.

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2_PowerPoint Template_Data-driven
3_PowerPoint Template_Cover slides
4_PowerPoint Template_Timeline and Calender
5_PowerPoint Template_Basic
6_PowerPoint Template_Process and Workflow
7_PowerPoint Template_Agenda
8_PowerPoint Template_Organigram, Maps and Icons
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