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Replace colors and fonts on all slides in PowerPoint.

Replace Color Replace Colors

Select a color of your presentation and replace it with another one.
Have you ever merged slides from different presentations? Or did you ever experienced a change of your corporate identity including new company colors? If yes, we are pretty sure that we can change this experience from a little nightmare to a miracle. Select a currently used color, choose the new color and decide what and where you would like to change it.
Replace color in PowerPoint with Smarter Slides

Replace Font Replace Font

Select a font of your presentation and replace it with another one.
There are just a few more obvious format mistakes than using different font types within your presentation. With the Replace Font function you can identify all used font types within your presentation. But this is not enough: It only takes one click to replace specific font types with another. Consistency here we come.
Replace font in PowertPoint with Smarter Slides

Selective Format Selective Format

Select a keyword of your presentation and apply the same format to this word on every slide.
If a word is highlighted within a presentation you need to style it in the same way over the whole presentation to guarantee consistency. With the Selective Format function, you can choose a word, select a format and apply the settings to every slide. Your keyword will be highlighted in less than a second.
Highlight a keyword in PowerPoint presentation with Smarter Slides