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Copy size and position of objects in PowerPoint.

Copy size and position Size/Position Picker

Copy size and position of PowerPoint objects and paste it to other objects. Smarter Slides enables you to align objects between slides.
If you have picked the size and position settings of an object, the settings will be stored. Starting here you can apply these settings to several objects. And the best part of it: You can also choose if you only want to apply specific criteria (e.g. top-left position or object height). With this function you are now able to align positions of objects on different slides. No try and error anymore, just one click!
Copy size and position to other objects in PowerPoint with Smarter Slides


Pick size and position of selected object
Select a shape, chart or table to pick size and position settings. All settings will be saved in variables which are available until the active presentation is closed or the Size and Position Picker is used for another object. Use Size and Position Paste function(s) to apply saved settings to other objects.
Pick just the size of the selected object
Pick just the position of the selected object
Paste picked size and position
Select one or more shape(s), chart(s) or table(s) to paste all picked size and position settings.
Paste size (width and height)
Paste width
Paste height
Paste position (top-left)
Paste position (bottom-left)
Paste position (top-right)
Paste position (bottom-right)
Paste position (left)
Paste position (right)
Paste position (top)
Paste position (bottom)