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Pre-defined PowerPoint templates and custom template library.

Insert PowerPoint Templates from the Smarter Slides Template Gallery Smarter Templates

Select a template out of a continuously increasing library of pre-designed PowerPoint templates.
Are you bored by starring at a blank page and need some inspiration? Do you create an organigram for the first time? Do you ask yourself how a process flow can look like? Just choose a template directly from the gallery (also offline available) and then template will be inserted in your current presentation. To make it even easier, you can also define your own template settings such as standard colors or fonts and each template will be inserted already adjusted to your requirements.
Insert Smarter Templates and PowerPoint inspirations with Smarter Slides

Save your custom templates in your personal template gallery Custom Templates

Start building your own custom template gallery.
If you have created your own fabulous slide or amazing shape formation, you are now able to add the design to the custom template gallery. This will make them available for later use. Get more organized instead of searching: From now on you won’t be saying “I created something similar before” anymore. Like the Smarter Template gallery, you can choose your custom template from the gallery and the template will be inserted in your current presentation.
Save your custom PowerPoint template