Smarter Slides Manual

This document will help you to understand the functionalities of Smarter Slides and will guide you along the first steps using the software. If you are already working with Smarter Slides, this manual will aid you as a reference book for your everyday use. All important buttons, windows and functions are explained individually.

Before describing the functions which will pimp your PowerPoint, we will guide you through the installation and licensing process to get you started with Smarter Slides.

The next two chapters are divided into Smarter Organize and Smarter Format – exactly like our Smarter Slides add-in. Smarter Organize provides you with all features for managing and maintaining your PowerPoint presentation. Insert an agenda or a PowerPoint template to start and end your building process or track the changes of your work. Smarter Format is your support for your daily business. Adjust and align object size and position or place your titles in the correct position.

Following, there will be an overview about supporting functions on which the main functions (Smarter Organize and Smarter Format) will rely on.

If you are then still reading, we provide you some use cases for some of our functions. These should give you an indication about how these functions can be used within your daily work.

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