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Copy specific format styles between objects in PowerPoint.

Copy Format Styles Format Picker

Copy specific format styles (e.g. font and outline weight) from one object to another object with Smarter Slides. Everything else remains the same.
The default “Format Painter” of PowerPoint is a strong and often used tool. But a tool with limitations: There is no way to choose only specific parts of the format which should be applied (e.g. font format). Often the applied format needs to be re-adjusted, because some properties shouldn’t be copied. With our Format Picker function, you can choose what kind of format you want to paste to the target object. Don’t worry anymore about the wrong color or bulleting – Just copy the font type and size and everything else remains the same. The format settings are saved into variables. That means you can reuse the copied format style until you close the presentation or reuse the format picker.
Copy Format to other objects in PowerPoint with Smarter Slides


Pick format of selected object
Select a shape, chart, table or table cell and click to pick all format settings. All settings will be saved in variables which are available until the active presentation is closed or the Format Picker is used for another object.
Paste format settings
Select one or more shape(s), chart(s), table(s) or table cell(s) and click to paste all or selective format settings of the previously picked objects. Only settings which are valid for the selection type will be pasted. To paste format settings to selected objects, you can choose between:
all format settings
shape format (type, rotation, effects and 3D format)
shape effects
3D format
fill format (fill color and fill transparency)
fill color
fill transparency
outline format (outline color, outline weight, outline style and outline transparency)
outline color
outline weight
outline style
outline transparency
font format (font, font size, font color and font style)
font size
font color
font style
text format (horizontal and vertical alignment, internal margin, bullets or numbering, line spacing and text direction)
horizontal alignment
vertical alignment
internal margin
bullets or numbering
line spacing
text direction