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Insert an agenda in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Agenda Agenda

Insert an automatically refreshing PowerPoint agenda with Smarter Slides. Choose a pre-defined layout, include hyperlinks and divider slides.
Every presentation starts with a nicely designed overview summarizing the following slides. Don’t worry anymore about the design, changing title names or agenda divider between each chapter. Select one of the pre-defined agenda styles, choose your own colors, font types and (if you want) fix titles and insert an automatically updating PowerPoint agenda. To design your presentation more interactive you can even choose to display each agenda point as a hyperlink which will enable you to jump to the respective slide with one click. And luckily, there is no need to start building your agenda again if you have changed slide titles or slide order. Use the refresh function and your agenda will be up-to-date again.
Insert a PowerPoint agenda slide with Smarter Slides