Smarter Slides FAQ


You can check the requirements for Smarter Slides on the site “System requirements”. Therefore, click on the button above. If you are still unsure or if you want to be on the safe side: we offer a free test version (valid for 30 days) of Smarter Slides. If this test version can be installed and is running fine on your computer, the full version will work as well.
You should have received a mail by Smarter Downloads ( after your order of a test or full version of Smarter Slides. Normally this mail will be sent out only a few minutes after your purchase. If you have not received this mail, please also check your junk mail folder. In the case you did not receive the order confirmation with your license key, please contact our support team ( and we will take care of this.
If you are asked to enter an alternative key your security settings do not allow us to check the validity of your activation key. In most of the cases this is due to the settings of your company network. To continue with the installation, you have two possibilities: Disconnect from your company network and re-run the installation process. Get in contact with our support team ( and send us the message which is shown in the activation screen. We will send you an alternative key within the next 24 hours which will enable you to continue with the installation without changing any security settings. If you have already requested and received an alternative key, enter the key in the respective field and continue.
The Smarter Installation Wizard process is the by far the easiest way to install. But nevertheless, thereis an alternative way to install Smarter Slides successfully on your device. You can use the ppam-file to activate your Smarter Slides installation without adim rights. Read more about this process on our download page.
If you want to install Smarter Slides on a different device or reinstall it at a later stage, you can deactivate your personal license key. To deactivate your license key go to the Admin section within Smarter Organize and click on “Disable current device”. After the successful deactivation, the Smarter Slides add-In as well as all supporting documents will be deleted and removed from your PowerPoint add-in list. Your Custom Template Gallery and personal settings will not be deleted to ensure that you can start to work again with Smarter Slides at a later stage.
We know, it can happen that you do not have access anymore to your old computer. Contact us ( and we will deactivate your license key for you. After that you can reuse the code for a different device.
If you are having a trial version of Smarter Slides you are unfortunately not able to transfer your license to a different device.



Within the admin section you can change your default colors to every color you like (or your CI). The default colors are used e.g. for Smarter Templates, Status Symbol function or the Agenda Manager.
Currently there are two different languages included: German and English. We are looking forward translating Smarter Slides to different languages as well.


With the Smarter Slides Save functions you can save a copy of your presentation in PDF or JPEG file formats. Just select the save option "JPEG" or "PDF", define a file path and save your presentation.
Yes, you can change the name of the target file as you like. Select one of the predefined pre- and postfixes or enter your own text.
Yes, you can save your presentation slides all together or each slide individually.

Smarter Templates

In the template gallery are all kinds of different shapes, formations or processes included. Insert organigram-, cube-, puzzle-, cycle- and map-templates onto your PowerPoint slide. Smarter Slides is always under development - Look forward to other amazing and included PowerPoint templates.
You can define your personal custom color for your templates within the admin panel of Smarter Slides. Choose your favorite colors and enjoy the automatically adjustments of the Smarter Templates.


With the Smarter Slides PowerPoint add-in, you can insert an agenda with just a few clicks. Go to the Smarter Organize ribbon and select "Agenda". With the Agenda Manager you can easily style the layout and insert your agenda.
Yes, if you change a slide title you can update the agenda and the modified title will be populated automatically. You can also change the titles according to your needs.
Currently you can choose between five different agenda layouts. If you have a new layout idea, please contact us and we are going to include the style in the next update!
Yes, you can select the default colors for your agenda (and everything else, too) in the Smarter Slides admin panel.

Mini Slides

Mini Slides are images of slides with an integrated hyperlink to the original slide. They can be used as navigation gadget or instead of an agenda.
You can insert up to 24 Mini Slides on one Slide and up to 144 Mini Slides in total.

Progress Bar

No, with the update function you can refresh the progress bar and the slide progress without adjusting anything.

Slide Status

A slide status refers to the content of the slide. It indicated if you are reading a draft or already the final version.
Yes, you can show and hide the status tags of the PowerPoint slides as you want. Change or remove the slide status after changes.
You can add a custom slide status in the Custom Settings.

Tag Objects

Tags are invisible elements sticking on every object. With the Smarter Slides tag function, you can use these tags to hide or show the tagged objects or you can format every object with this tag. Tag will not be visible for the any other person (except the other person is using Smarter Slides as well).
You should use tags when you want to cluster your objects without formatting them differently. Hide or show the tagged elements or format every object within the tag.

Spell Check

Yes, with this Smarter Slides function the spell check language changes for the whole presentation. There is no need to switch every object on its own.

Track Changes

Yes, you can track every text change of the PowerPoint presentation. It doesn't matter who, where and when the presentation is modified - if you activated the tracker before you send the file to someone else the changes are tracked.
No, only text changes are included.


You can search for a keyword with PowerPoint with one click at the Google or Wikipedia-Icon in Smarter Organize. Just select the word you are searching for and hit the button.

Fast Wizard

Yes, you can either use the Replace Font function or you can align the font with the Fast Wizard.

Expert Wizard

The Expert Wizard works with a simple idea. Select an object and apply the format of the selected objects to other objects fulfilling a certain kind of criteria. Example: Choose one rectangle in your presentation and copy the color to all other rectangles. Practical example: In your presentation is a white box used as an overlay over a hidden information. You need this information visible in the next meeting. Select one box, choose "Same color" and "Same shape" and delete all white overlay boxes in your presentation with a single click.
Yes, you can tag a certain kind of object and format every object with the same tag in the same style.

Format Picker

Yes, when you copy a format to another object the format is saved until you either start a new PowerPoint session or copy another format.
You can copy the style of every format. Choose between various painter options such as all format settings, shape format, rotation, shape effects, 3D format, fill format, fill color, fill transparency, outline format, outline color, outline weight, outline style, outline transparency, font format, font, font size, font color, font style, text format, horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, internal margin, bullets or numbering, line spacing and text direction.

Color Picker

Yes, you can save the outline color of one object and paste it as the background to another object.
Yes, when you copy a color to another object the color is saved until you either start a new PowerPoint session or copy another color.

Size and Position Picker

Yes, the settings are saved in variables. Copy the size and/or the position of one object and insert it on another slide.
Yes, when you copy a size/position to another object the size/position is saved until you either start a new PowerPoint session or copy another size/position.

Distance Picker

Yes, you can copy the distance to more than two objects. Save a distance between two objects (no more, no less) and paste this distance to every object you are going to select (2 or more).
Yes, the distance between two objects is saved if you work in the same PowerPoint session or until you copy the next distance.

Dynamic Size and Position

The master object is the object which size or position is changed. After refreshing your dynamic position all child objects are placed into the defined relation to the master object.
Dynamic position can be used for process flows. When you change the master object you can reposition all other objects and the flow is still working.

Replace Format

You can choose the target slides for your replacement. Apply the change to a selection of slides or to the whole presentation.
The replace functions of Smarter Slides identify the current used colors and fonts automatically. You can only replace what you already used.

Status Object

Currently you can choose out of six different symbols: harvey ball, traffic light, progress bar, check, five stars, arrows, plus / minus and smileys
Yes, after you inserted a status object, you can change the design according to your project status.

Standard PPT Functions

No, the default PowerPoint functions are defined by us. If you are missing an important one, please contact us.
No, these functions are the same as in the other PowerPoint ribbons. We think, that these functions don't need any update or change.


If you do not find the answer to your question here, get in contact with our Smarter Slides support team. Therefore, write us a mail to with a description of your problem and/or with some screenshots.
The Smarter Slides Add-In itself as well as the Smarter Slides Installation Wizard is fully based and programmed in VBA using macros. Therefore, you need to activate those to run Smarter Slides successfully. If your company does not allow you to run any kind of macros unfortunately you are not able to use Smarter Slides on this device.
Write us a short mail with a description of what you would like to have customized or to request general information of customization options.